Tuesday, August 29, 2017

a [vaycay] in boothbay

who the hell would want to leave maine in the summer?

one of many things i've learned about my new home is that maine really does summer right.  it hardly gets above 90 degrees, there's usually a nice breeze coming off the ocean and with miles and miles of coastline a beach is never too far away.  this after all is "vacationland" people come here for the summer.  knowing this fact, my wife and i decided not to leave for a honeymoon right after the wedding but rather save that trip for when we find four feet of snow in our front yard.  we did however want to have a few days to relax so we decided to head to our favorite town, boothbay harbor. 

i know there are a million towns yet to be discovered in this state, but there's just something about boothbay we both love. spending three days at the spruce point inn ended up being the perfect "mini moon."  i wish i could tell you about all the adventures we had but honestly the whole trip was spent sleeping in, relaxing, chilling and most importantly not talking about wedding planning.  in other words, it was perfect.

eventually we'll take an "official" honeymoon, but for two people trying to make maine their home, boothboy harbor was the perfect spot to start married life.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

i now pronounce you [photographer] and wife

i love to take pictures.

not in any professional way, i just enjoy capturing pictures at any event i happen to attend.  i've written about this before but i'm very aware that i'm "that guy" taking too many pictures and not living in the actual moment.  i attribute this behavior to my years of being a yearbook photographer in high school. somehow the habit of trying to capture the most interesting or most important moments of an event has stuck with me whether i'm playing trivia with friends or enjoying a chili cook off.

this leads me into the real story....

last month i got married.  an absolutely beautiful event where friends and family witnessed me marry the woman i love.  it was, without a doubt, the most important event of my life.  with it being such a large event, i hope you can understand my shock the next day when i looked at my phone and realized i had only taken two pictures.  i was angry at myself for missing so many wonderful moments on the biggest day of my life.  yes, i realize we hired a wedding photographer to capture all the moments throughout the day and i should be happy for living "in" the moment and not worrying about taking photos... but there was still a small piece of me, that felt like i had let myself down.  how could i have only taken two photos?

thankfully time gives you perspective.  flipping past the captured memories saved on my iphone i find myself looking at the two photos i took that day, a selfie with my new bride and a candid picture of my family and i realized that i hadn't failed myself.  i had actually captured the most important moments of this event.

the first photo, the selfie with my wife and i, was taken moments before we were introduced at our reception.  everyone we knew was waiting for our entrance and we had just a brief moment to ourselves before enjoying the rest of the evening with family and friends.

the second picture, a candid photo of my family, was taken as the night was winding down.  i was on my way from one end of the tent to the other when i saw my family sitting together chatting.

not only do i love these two photos because they represent the most important people in my life, but also because of how they are composed.  as i stare a these two photos i can't help but think of a line from a reading at our wedding;

 "for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife."

i know my family loves me.  they have been there for me since i was born and i know they'll continue to be there for me in the future.  however it is time to leave them to start my own family.  the photo i took of them was candid, near the end of the day, i was out of the photo and looking at my family at a distance.

the photo i have of me and my wife was taken right before we were announced as husband and wife.  it's just the two of us united in one "selfie."  it's bright and sunny and we're smiling from ear to ear.  i had just married my love and we had committed to be there for each other, through good times and bad, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health.  in the background sits a table filled with the wedding portraits of our parents and grandparents they day they started their own family.

even though i only took two photos the entire day, i'm so glad i captured these two moments because they perfectly sum up that verse for me.

if life is like yearbook class, i think i have the first two pics of a whole new volume.


Thursday, August 03, 2017

catching up with [new] friends

someone once told me, no matter where you travel you should always make friends.  it's a small world and you might just run into them again.

three years ago i wrote about spending my birthday with 10 strangers, who by the end of the night had become friends.  you can read it here.  at the end of that post i fully acknowledged i might never see those people again. 

that wasn't the case.

even though we only spent six hours getting to know each other, most of the people i met that night became facebook friends with me, allowing all of us to stay updated with everyone. one of the ladies i met that night, hit me up last month to see if i'd be in portland one particular weekend.  through facebook she knew i had recently moved here.  Her and her boyfriend were on a summer long cross country trip through north america and would be traveling through portland on their way to canada.  i was in fact going to be in town that weekend so my fiancee and i made plans to met them out for drinks.  meeting up at one of our favorite bars we started chatting and catching up.  questions were asked, stories were told and small talk evenyually turned into actual conversations. one drink led to another, which led to another, which led to trying out another bar and more drinks. somewhere during the night four random people became friends and we all had a great time!  so much so they decided to stay in town for a few days and enjoy a few fourth of july parties with us.  both she and her boyfriend are incredibly wonderful people and turned the weekend into a very memorable one.

i absolutely love when life makes little connections like this.  a completely random meeting of people three years ago helped make a fourth of july weekend three years later a wonderful time.

be nice to people out there folks, it makes for a better and more enjoyable world.