Tuesday, June 18, 2019

first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a [mid sized suv]

not soon after we discovered we were expecting, the power steering in my wife's car starting going out.  not only was it pricey to fix, but we realized even if we did repair it, a two door coupe isn't the best family car.  so began the new car search.

compared to house shopping here in maine, car shopping was a breeze!  we knew roughly what we wanted, there were several places to shop for one, we didn't have to worry about being out bid by another young couple and we didn't have to make a major life decision, the moment we saw the car.  i really hate saying this, but comparatively, car shopping was actually enjoyable.

we found a nice toyota rav 4 we liked, test drove it and then spent a few weeks talking it over, did a little research, talked to some friends and family and decided to get it.

"we asked for it...we got it..." 

since purchasing it we've only come to love it more and enjoy sharing the road with all the other rav 4's out there which, if you haven't noticed, seems to be every other car.

i'm very happy to call our toyota rav 4 the new family truckster...our generations station wagon.