Tuesday, July 12, 2005


over the line

last weekend i made it to the world famous [over the line] tournament. to say the least it was crazy. over the line is a sport that is basically three man softball with no bases. no bases because that would require running, an it's hard to run when your completely tanked. it's a two weekend tournament held on fiesta island. some teams take it serious, others don't. actually as famous as it is, it's hard to put any of it on the television, because the teams names are so offensive, as well as the behavior of most of the spectators. it's was a great site to see. i took a bus over to the island. my bus driver looked and acted just like chris farley, see picture below. I spent about three and a half hours watching the games and other various happenings. i met up with my neighbor bruce who is a huge fan of "otl" and he let me into the silver fox's tent, a local bar in o.b., for all the free bbq and beer we could drink. i'm thinking this could catch on at k-state.

chris farley was my bus driver

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