Saturday, August 06, 2005

where the turf meets the surf......

the first horse i bet on, [yearly attitude]

this friday i completed another one of my goals for this internship, to go to del mar and bet on the horse races. i went with my co-workers scott and chris, and none of us had any idea what to do. after reading the race program we were even more confused. scott however was able to get help from one of the tellers, which he then passed on to us. after we placed out bets we were able to sit and enjoy the races. i had a blast. i think what i loved the most was how much of an ordeal everything is, with the betting and the horses walking in the paddock, and trying to figure out what to bet on. so feeling that i was going to "clean up" i placed my bet on [yearly attitude]. Now the paper said that [triple stand] was going to win, but it said, and I quote, that, "[yearly attitude should run long and gets that chance first off the claim for gary stute. she has an improving look to her." I couldn't miss. The bell rang, the horses went around the turf, it came down to the finish, and my horse came in fourth. great! now i'm down two dollars. even with a few loses during the day, i came out nine dollars ahead, which isn't bad for betting in every race. after the race with my nine dollars in my pocket, and strutting like a high roller, i headed to the night event at the track, a concert by none other then the violent femmes. i stayed and listened, honestly i only know three songs, for blister in the sun, and then left to finish off the night with pizza and beer.

my horse coming in fourth

sunset at the del mar race track

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