Monday, March 13, 2006

there are some things [money] can't buy

-lumber: $42.72
-welded steel connector: $59.02
-canvas: $35.50
-misc. hardware: $24.73
-realizing that there is still a lot to learn about architectural construction: priceless

today, my group and i faced our final semester mid-crits. requirement: a full scale model of our proposal for our town. the lesson learned this weekend, was that even though the drawings may look good on cad, that doesn't mean that they will transcend into reality with actual materials.............. or that our woodworking skills are lacking. probably a little of both.

even with the frustration of realizing that the details were not correct, and making last minute design changes with the circular blade eating into the wood, it was a great experience. we lugged our modular structure into the atrium this morning and finished the assembly with the help of a two professors and a three ladders. the reviews went great, and we were given the necessary comments on how to take our project from being "lumber-sort-of-assembled" into actual architecture.

back to the drawing board.


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forget computers.... nothing beats good old fashioned hands-on building experience... and now you've got a shade for your patio at home. way cool!