Tuesday, April 18, 2006

so long [suzie q]

well, my rebel days are over. no more cross country adventures with captain america and billy. no more providing security for the rolling stones at altamont. yes, these days are forever gone now that i've sold my hog.

i had a great time these past five years, running from the police on my iron horse, breaking the law, and being wanted for public harassment. but the times they are changing. i'll be graduating soon, and entering the working world. i've traded my leather bike jacket for a three button suit. instead of going to road houses, playing darts, and listening to lynyrd skynard all night, i'll be going to aia lectures and listening to product reps. i'll be so square, i'll have corners. I am however regretting the, "born to ride" tattoo i got across my back now.

as you can see from the picture, she was indeed 250 cc's of mean machine

* note - please read with a sarcastic tone.

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