Thursday, September 21, 2006

[away] from the desk

like every other city, wichita is trying to revive it's downtown. this week, our firm took a little [field trip] to visit a few of the buildings that make it up. i was so excited for this little adventure, i almost packed a sack lunch with a dr. pepper wrapped in foil.

i relish any chance to leave the office. i understand the majority of our work does have to take place in the confines of an office, but it's great to get out. i believe that most of my friends, who are also architects, would agree, that we got into this profession because we love buildings. we are fascinated at the space one can create by constructing a few walls, and on site you become immersed in it. most of the buildings in the downtown area are now just empty shells, only hinting at their former glory, but somehow they still hold inspiration. downtown will never get back to the feel and energy it had 50 years ago, our lifestyles, with our cable television and drive thru's, will never allow that to happen, but it is great to see these former temples of retail and business find new life.going along with the theme of this post, i set up my answering machine at work. i've been starting to get my own calls, and thought that if by some miracle i happen to be away from my desk, i'd like to give the caller the option of voice mail. sure enough the next day i had my first message. it wasn't anything too important, in fact i've been noticing that i seem to talk with people at the same level on the corporate ladder as me, only in different fields, as i've been conversing with the [cad monkey] over at an engineering firm. i know that soon, i'll loath that little blinking light, but for now, if you need me i'll be at extension 208.

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sloring said...

i'm going to give you a call at work...what's your phone number? :)