Wednesday, December 20, 2006

baby it's [cold] outside.......even in california

last week i took my first vacation since starting this "daily grind" world. the wedding of a friend in san diego, was the perfect excuse to escape the frozen tundra known as the midwest in favor of the sun filled cliffs of so-cal.

i left friday afternoon, and braved the unbearable 67 degree weather all the way to kansas city. after stopping and picking up a friend, parking in the "economy" lot, and catching the bus to the terminal, we made it to the airport with not a moment to spare. we passed through the jet way and were off to celebrate the union of two people in the sun and surf.

after arriving friday night, and spending the evening getting reacquainted with friends, i woke up the next morning to an all to common scene this time of year. a cold, grey, overcast sky with hints of sprinkles. what! it's not suppose to do this! it never rains in southern california! that albert hammond song is filled with lies!

the wedding took place on a beautiful cliff side overlooking the sea, which just happens to be adjacent to the salk institute...architects. the site chosen was possibly, the windiest and coldest point along the coast that day. the guests took their seats, zipped up their coats, and watched the bride in a very elegant, sleeveless, dress walk down the hillside and through the impromptu aisle.

with the weather blowing against our backs reminding us that anything is possible, the ceremony proceeded in a beautiful fashion. a song, sung by the father of the bride to his newly wed daughter, didn't leave a dry eye on the cliff side. looking through scarfs and hats, it wasn't hard to notice that the warmest people that day were the newly declared husband and wife, being filled with that eternal warmth one receives after finding the love of your life.

after the wedding, the next few days were filled with good friends and great conversation. board games, christmas shopping and holiday movies filled the hours as the weather eventually warmed back up. there was even a brief cameo from some friends that traveled afar from l.a.

california will always represent a magical, and mystical place for me. it might be because i know disneyland is there. but it seems throughout history california, has been a place for the promise of a better future, and opportunity, which is only fitting for a wedding. spending a few days in california, celebrating this marriage, got me in the holiday mood. that mood where you enjoy being with friends and family, and together are anxious for the promise that a new year holds.

or it could have just been that decorated evergreen which, oddly enough looked perfectly placed on the beach.


FastTrakStatus said...

good to see fish is still sporting not only the manly chest hair, but also the predictably 'cheery' red cheeks. i'm not going to comment on the fuzzy halo.

those pictures are gorgeous. when i look at them i picture turbulent seas, eye patches, peg legs, and a decemberists song. that might be the sleep deprivation talking, though.

sloring said...

I agree, beautiful photos eric.