Wednesday, February 14, 2007

be my [high fidelity]

in the spirit of today's holiday, i thought i'd do something real romantic.....and watch a movie. but what, single movie, among the thousands, really encompasses valentines day? sleepless in seattle? breakfast at tiffany's? casablanca? maybe, but i needed something with a little more kick, something that goes straight to the heart. as i scanned the stacks of dvd's, [high fidelity] caught my eye. a movie filled with great music, analyzing relationships, and odd-ball, elitists friends.....what's not to love!

now, this isn't your typical valentines day movie, but in an odd way, it was the perfect film to watch tonight. i was reminded today, that this holidayday isn't about loving and being thankful for one relationship, it's a day to be thankful for the many different types of relationships we all have in our lives. watching [high fidelity] tonight, only solidified that statement. the film also includes the best cover of marvin gaye's "lets get on" i've ever heard.

in the spirit of the movie:

top five movies, almost watched tonight instead of [high fidelity].

5. back to the future (1985)
4. north by northwest (1959)
3. the divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood (2002)
2. diner (1982)
1. swingers (1996)

"good luck, goodbye"

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