Sunday, September 16, 2007

the price is [wright]

i found myself in bartlesville, oklahoma this past week, and what better way to spend a couple of hours in that town then checking out the price tower, by frank lloyd wright.

now i don't want to go into an architectural critique on the building, and why give you a history lesson when you can just go to wikipedia. instead, just a few interesting facts from the tour and a few pictures.

-opened in 1956
-originally designed in the 1920's as a set of four multi-use towers in manhattan, new york.
- plans for the building scrapped during the great depression.
-resurrected in 1952 for harold price to house his headquarters.
-wrights only skyscraper.
-cantilevered floors hang from a centralized core.
-nicknamed the "tree that escaped the crowded forest".

i found that last item particularly interesting, because while taking the tour, i didn't feel like i was walking in a skyscraper, it felt more like an adult tree house, including tiny elevators, small stairs, constricted spaces, and open balconies.

actually the whole reason for this post was so i could use the title. i thought of it on the drive back, and i'll be was cracking me up..


adc said...

an alternative title could have been "the wright stuff." new kids on the block, anyone? (though yours is admittedly better for incorporating both the name of the building and its architect).

Luke said...

The price is wrong Bob!

And what's up with moderating your comments? Let the ideas flow brother...let 'em flow.

Nicole said...

i also recommend this little wright goodie:

make sure you click on the article. the blog itself is always filled with fun little wright journeys.

FastTrakStatus said...

great photos, my man. did you get a new camera? if so, the results are impressive. if not, well ... um ... you got any gum?