Sunday, October 14, 2007

see [spot] see [spot] disappear

i'm not sure if i've ever fully endorsed a product on this blog or not...well, i am now.

last week, i went to grab a bite-to-eat, with a co-worker. the conversation took the usual course, jumping from current projects in the office, to weekend plans, it however ended abruptly when he pointed at my shirt and stated that i had spilled on it!

i looked down to see the damage.

it was true, i had indeed gotten marinara all over my shirt. being somewhat embarrassed and a little upset, i wondered how this could have happened! i had been so careful. peering down, i pulled a "columbo". judging from the angle of the spots, it had not been a direct drop, but instead, must have fallen off the fork, ricocheted from the plate, stopped, in mid air, made a 90 degree turn, and then land on the shirt.

other then wearing a huge adult-sized baby bib, i have no idea how one avoids situations like this! nothing makes you feel more like a slob then going back into the office, looking like you ate in a "booster seat".

sensing my annoyance, my co-worker gave me some advice on stain removal. coming from a married man, with three small boys, i felt he had expertise. he mentioned that his wife always carries around a "tide-to-go" pen.

"on the way back to work, we'll pick one up!" he said.

driving back to the office, we stopped at the nearest store. I rushed in and found what i was looking for. as i paid for it...spots on shirt...tide pen in hand, it was apparent the cashier was holding in his laughter. i appreciated it.

upon reaching the office, i followed the directions. as advertised it worked! as the applied area dried, it left my shirt spotless! I was thrilled!

needless to say, this little guy has found it's way into permanent placement within my "man-purse".

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Nicole said...

I keep Shout wipes at work. Perhaps I should bring my pen, too.