Thursday, February 21, 2008

lord of the [fleas]

last weekend i made a trip out to the wichita flea market. partly to see if i could find any treasures...partly because it seemed like a nice sunday activity...but mostly to take pictures. a flea market is an interesting event in our society to say the least. booths filled with items, knick-knacks, utensils, furniture, and appliances, that were trashed and forgotten some time ago, for reasons we may never know, but now hold some value to someone out there. i walked around, snapped a few pictures, occasionally stopping when any mid century piece caught my eye.
sometimes i would ponder how cool it would be to have a huge bin of used billiards balls in my apartment, which were only 50 cents each...but then i'd realize that i really don't need anymore useless stuff in my tiny apartment....

i left empty handed from my search, but did manage to snap a few photos, which in my case, is actually a better treasure.

o.k. so honestly it's not the most interesting story, but i thought of the title while taking pictures, and just had to use it.

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Helen E said...

It's a good title, and I think maybe you should rethink a billiard-themed apartment??