Monday, March 24, 2008

get on your [irish] bikes and ride

a while ago i participated in the annual wichita st. patricks day parade. i can't remember the last time i was actually in a parade, somehow i just never found the time in college. perhaps if the college of architecture, planning and design, would have had a float i would have signed up. can you imagine that, a flatbed trailer hauling a bunch of kids, dressed in all black, asleep on drafting tables.

i digress.

on saturday, the vintage bike club, rode in the parade. i woke up early and peddled my way past downtown and into delano, in my best green shirt, which was covered up by my non-green coat, it was freezing out. i met up with about 30-40 other riders, and chatted it up before the parade. when it was our turn, we rode through the streets of the delano district with horns and sirens blazing while waiving at the crowd, the parade route was short but never the less, enjoyable. it was very cool, very americana. upon leaving the boundaries of the route, we all continued down to the "shamrock", our normal starting point for thursday night rides, and enjoyed half price green beer.

although it was a great time, i couldn't help but think that day, as much fun as it is to be in a parade, you end up missing the whole show.....

i'm not exactly sure what that means, but i sounds slightly prolific...doesn't it?

enjoy the pictures.

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