Tuesday, April 29, 2008

who will save your [sole]

i have issues with letting things go.....

i hate throwing things away.....

i was taught this from and early age. everything can always find another use. just ask me about bread sacks and "math" paper. in my apartment, i have movie stubs from high school, as well as a pair of argyle socks my grandfather gave me in middle school, and i'm almost certain i'll be the only person returning to the 10 year reunion in the same car they drove in high school.

it's one thing to reduce, reuse, and recycle, but it seems the "reusing" part of the equation leaves a lot of items laying around waiting for their coveted "second use".

is this wrong? it seems we live in such a throw away world, it's almost contagious to start thinking nothing has value. what happened to quality, what happened to craft?

well, last week i came across an article discussing the salvaging of dress shoes. the article stated most people rid of their dress shoes after a little wear and tear and go out and by a new pair reflecting the latest style. very few people take the time to get shoes repaired by a shoe smith.

no joke, a few days after reading this article, pondering how to make a blog out of it, the heel feel off of one of my work shoes. seeing the irony in the situation, i was not upset, and used the time it took me to hobble home to think about the title of this post.

looking through the yellow pages i found the address of a little shoe shop my family has gone to for years. i was pumped, i finally i had my own broken dress shoes to take! it was exciting.

it was only nailing a heel back on....nothing even close to refurbishing a pair that might have seen the inside of the dumpster, but it's close, and sort of ties into the article. so, like always i took some pictures to add some visual interest to this blog, and because i was in a refurbishing mode tonight, i polished up another pair of shoes.

but what is the line? when do you decide to try to mend the repairs? when is it time to throw away? when will i be able to wear my sweater vests again, and not get made fun of?

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Erica said...

first of all, i shouldn't be reading your blog at work. because it makes me laugh...in spurts, sort of loudly. :) so great. i'm linking your blog on my photoblog: