Monday, August 11, 2008

i [can't] ride my bike with no handlebars

i like to keep this blog somewhat diverse, trying not to repeat myself too often. however i wanted to follow up the last post with a few pictures and links.

the bike is rapidly becoming my favorite form of transportation. i've been slowly increasing how much i use it every week, waiting for the day i roll up to a job site, "messenger-style" with the drawings in a tube on my back......we'll see.

it's not just me. i've been seeing more and more bikes on the streets of wichita, giving our downtown much need human activity.

maybe it's the gas prices, maybe it's the health aspects....either way, biking seems to be in the air. the art of the bicycle show was a huge hit last month, easily being the "hot-spot" to be on wichita's gallery crawl list.

here are a few pics:

other various links to check out...

wichita's conference bike here.
news article about wichita bikes here. (be sure to click the video link)
pictures from the "art of the bicycle" show here.
bicycles at the "rumble in delano" here.
interesting article from the new york times here.

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Anonymous said...

I'll soon be joining in on the bike trend...especially as i have no car here now, and really will avoid getting one at all costs! i'll be checking craigslist!