Tuesday, October 28, 2008


so, the other week, i received a rather large package in the mail. it had no name attached to it, only an overland park address. no big deal, i knew a few people in the o.p. so i opened it. hidden amongst the brown paper and bubble wrap was a large brown envelope. opening this up, i found a beautiful "decemberits" poster. this sparked my curiosity. digging further into the box i found an equally beautiful card. opening it up, i found a "cut-out" style letter stating, "thought you might like this". no name.
i went from curious to freaked out really fast. not to worry though, i had some friends with the sense of humor to pull something like this with me. i spent the weekend looking and deciphering the facts.

1. there was on overland park address on the box, as well as proof that it had gone through the shawnee mission post office on october 14. they must live in the greater k.c. area, or have at least visited recently. this narrowed the field a bit.

2. they spelled my name correctly,the field narrowed even further.

3. the poster was mailed in a "bed, bath, and beyond" box, this meant the suspect must have had a bed, bath, or even some beyond, that they had shopped for at some point. this narrowed the field once again.

4. both poster and card had been made by hammerpress, meaning said person had visited the crossroads district of kansas city. this meant that 'said' person must have some appreciation for nice design.

5. they knew i liked "the decemberists". this fact actually didn't help, because i think just about everyone in the free world knows that.

6. the poster was from a gig in chicago. hmmmm, there must be a chicago connection. this broadened the field of suspects slightly.

7. the letters had been individually cut out and pasted on the card, this would have taken some time. this fact eliminated every male friend i had in kansas city.

after looking at all these clues and facts, i had a list of five people it could have been. there was also the possibility it was mailed by a fan of the you tube sensation, "exposed", but i considered that unlikely.

i sent out five incredibly vague e-mails to these individuals asking if they had mailed me a package. a couple of days ago, i found the answer here.

it turns out that it was indeed people on my list. it was my wonderful friends erica and jeff! most of the clues were correct. the overland park area, visiting hammerpress, and graphic skills, as is apparent in her amazing photography! they would also know how to spell my name correctly and are familiar with my musical taste.

the chicago connection turned out to be just a coincidence,

thank you both for the beautiful poster, and giving me a weekend with something to do!

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jaclyn said...

that's so nice! though i was hoping it really was some crazed stalker 'exposed' fan...