Monday, February 23, 2009

[coincidence]...or what the french call [peugeot]

alright...lets get something straight. i was not looking for another bike.

that being said.

i got another bike.

but it's not what you think, it was pure coincidence.

for the last few years, i've been very content riding my vintage cruisers around town. not only do they ride smooth, but when heading anywhere downtown, they usually get me to my destination quicker. and closer then driving. i will admit though, sometimes when hauling these cycles of steel up and down stairs, my thoughts go to those little, light road bikes. even though the idea of getting a road bike, made me feel like i was cheating on my vintage beauties.

after one long weekend of riding, i found myself growing ever more curious about a different ride. maybe i could just check and see what was for sale around town. that monday, i went to work early and checked the ultimate source for finding stuff. craiglist! not really expecting to find much, i clicked on the "bikes" section. to my disbelief there was actually a road bike listed! in fact it was a peugeot for only 40 dollars! now i don't know much about road bikes, but i was sure that was a deal! i read over the information carefully, and examined the picture, but slowly convinced myself that i didn't need it. i sat back in my chair and debated the decision. as i leaned back, i ran into my boss who had snuck up behind me. now my first instinct was to click back to cad, and make it appear i was working, but it was too late, he had seen the article.

waiting for him to ask how the progress was going on the project i was suppose to be working on, he instead asked.

"are you interested in peugeot bikes?"

slightly surprised, i stated that i was somewhat curious, and had found one for sale in wichita and was thinking about getting it.

he said, "well, you're never going to believe this, but i have an old peugeot bike, in the bed of my truck, right now. i was planning on taking it to the thrift store this afternoon, but if you want it, you can have it!"

"are you serious" i asked

"yeah" he stated, "come out and take a look at it!"

well i did take a look at it, and sure enough he wasn't lying. there was indeed an old peugeot road bike lying in the bed of his truck. quickly realizing this was obviously some sort of sign, and not wanting to let this opportunity pass me by, i told him i'd take it. that night i wheeled another bike into my apartment, and hoped the other ones wouldn't be too jealous.

just to be safe, i'm keeping them on separate sides of the apartment.


Anonymous said...

oh wow, that looks like a beauty!

old peugeots can be kind of tricky, because for some reason the French had to go & do it all "different-like", so if you ever have to replace the bottom bracket you might have a tough time finding one with the right threading...

however, they are awesome bikes, and totally worth any hassle. my friend has one that looks more or less like the twin of yours (though green instead of black) and it's a lovely ride. you will go so fast! and just in time for the beginning of spring!

and don't worry, all bikes have their purposes & moments, their roles to play in your life... the vintage ladies won't get too mad.

Anonymous said...

So next I suppose you'll quit hanging with the Coasters and instead run with a group called the Speedsters or something.

Nice bike. Great story.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! That is awesome! How weird. I can't believe it. I guess when some things are meant to be they become so apparent we have no choice but to partake. Enjoy the new bike! I think you will like it. :)

Anonymous said...

that baby is hot!

Nicole said...

i have also thought about getting a road bike, but they don't really make any for child-sized women. don has offered to build me one someday. until then, he's replacing the hubs on my cruiser.

nice ride(s).