Tuesday, September 15, 2009

[fair] weather fan

there's a reason people pay to see concerts, competitions, performances, and sporting events. it's because it's always exciting to watch or listen to a performer, excelling in whatever it is they do. as it turns out, states are no different. california and colorado are wonderful as vacation spots, the east coast states have their history and tradition, wisconsin has it's cheese, and delaware has it's.....um.....ummmm....well, i'm sure it has something.

my point is, last weekend, i found out what kansas excels at. as it turns out, having state fairs is our business, and business is good. now, that's not really much of a stretch when you think about it, we're an agricultural state, and the state fair is a celebration of all the agricultural achievements over the course of the year. however, last saturday, as i enjoyed the unseasonably beautiful weather, somewhere amongst the dairy fresh ice cream, the sheep shearing demonstration, the draft horse pulling competition, and the seeing the grand champion largest pumpkin, i looked around and found myself extremely proud of my home state.

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Amy@AQ-V said...

What super great shots of Americana! Yes, you should be rightly proudly of your Kansas. Gah, take a look at that fab Uncle Sam. Classic wholesome goodness. Just missing the apple pie. :~)