Tuesday, March 15, 2011

everybody loves [lent]

it wouldn't be a fat tuesday celebration without listening to my favorite cajun band, the mudbugs...which also happens to be the band of one of my most loyal blog commenters. their music proved once again, to be the perfect soundtrack to a gumbo and jambalaya feast.

as accordion and washboard sounds bounced around the brick walls, i started pondering what i might give up for lent this year. as every catholic knows, what you give up needs to be a sacrifice. something in your life, difficult to refrain from for 40 days, otherwise...what's the point.

pondering this sacrifice, i wanted to find something in my life i could do without, that would be unique as well as insightful. this led me to the thought of "giving up" my twenties. now although that will happen during this lenten season whether i like it or not, it's more of a lifestyle change.

i'll give up my busted blue jeans, and start wearing pleated khakis. i'll start using starch and tuck in my shirts. i'll stay clean shaven year round, and schedule haircuts every 3 weeks. i'll start watching the news in the morning while eating oat bran cereal. i'll pay attention to the stocks and be able to discuss the market at length in any given conversation. i'll eat dinner at 4pm. i'll start attending michael mcdonald concerts. i'll start watching re-runs of "everybody loves raymond" and laugh at all the marriage jokes....

...or i might just give up dr. pepper.


Jaime said...

Thanks for coming to the show. The one and only thing that sucks about playing gigs is that you rarely get time to talk to the people who are there supporting you. Great photos. By the way, I vote for giving up Dr. Pepper.

ian c. said...

so does giving up your twenties for Lent mean you can get them back in a six weeks? :)

ian c. said...

"in six weeks"... whoops! have fun being a grownup for a little bit... and/or good luck surviving without the dr. pepper.