Saturday, June 18, 2011

a river [sorta] runs through it

we don't have mountains, or a coast line, but one amazing assets wichita has is the fact there is a river running right down the middle of the city. now a kansas river isn't necessarily the most romantic object in nature, but it's ours, it's the arkansas river. (literally pronounce AR-KAN-ZAZ). in the past few years efforts have been made to improve the river front, it's really starting to take shape. in the latest phase, the broadview hotel has renovated and changed it's front entrance to face the river. with improvments to the river bank as well as the hotel's outside space, the riverwalk is becoming a very enjoyable space.

this year wichita's own river festival not only changed dates but also moved the activities to the actual river! i'm not sure how many people noticed the it, but for a few weeks it was great to see the city of wichita embrace, enjoy, and occupy the arkansas river front.

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