Wednesday, September 07, 2011

[spanx] for the authenticity

i go shopping about once a year, and in that trip, i'm usually able to pick up pretty much everything i need to get me through another 12 months. in the time between my trips, however, shops have usually gone through several new looks and styles. you can imagine my surprise and amusement when i found a new product being offered. spanx for men.

now before you, i didn't buy them, i merely took a photo for the enjoyment of my friends on facebook and twitter. the product did however cause a stir of thoughts in my head the rest of the weekend.

this product doesn't seem very authentic to me, because basically it's sole purpose is to hide something. to lie. as i've gotten older, i find the trait of authenticity to be more important, especially when it comes to people in my life. people who sincerely mean what they say, and say what they mean. oddly enough this has nothing to do whether or not they're a nice person. i've met some real jerks in my life, but the truth is they're jerks through and through. they're being authentic, which then allows me to know exactly how to deal with them. most of my frustration comes from people who portray themselves as one thing, and then think or act in a way completely different. politically, religiously, socially, economically, believe whatever you want, just be authentic about it.

this little rant isn't directed at anyone or anything, rather i'm just amazed at how much this quality has risen in importance in my life when it comes to dealing with people. a quality i know i need to work on myself.

maybe this change in priorities is just part of maturing. i am getting older...a few more gray hairs showing in the beard...not as fit as i use to be...getting a little pudgier around the waist...

you know...come to think of it, maybe i should have picked up some man spanx.

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