Saturday, November 26, 2011


much like wooderson in "dazed and confused" i went back and relived a bit of high school this weekend.

my old high school was playing for the football state championship. when i was in high school, our team only won one game, so i was excited to root for my alma mater when we actually had a chance to win, and for an important game no less.

even though over a decade has passed, it was funny how easily i slipped into the same routine i followed in high school. being on the yearbook staff, most of the time i would find myself on the sidelines taking pictures of the plays, players and fans. sitting in the stands this weekend, i found myself feeling out of place. within a matter of minutes i left the stands and started walking around the stadium looking for the best angle with the best light. i'm sure there were those in the stands watching the game, reliving their glory days playing on the football team. well, i was no different. this weekend i relived my glory days as a yearbook staff photographer. this weekend also made me thankful for the digital technology we now have, as i don't think i ever took any "great" football pics with film back in the day.

rose hill ended up winning 21-0 becoming the 4A state champs!

...and that's cool...all right, all right, all right.


Anya Elise said...

Nicely done, really liking that last shot! Here's to reliving the glory days! :)

ercwttmn said...

haha! thanks anya! i was never great at sports photography, but i agree the last shot is my favorite. no coincidence it was taken after the game when all the action had stopped! :)