Monday, April 08, 2013

love on [shock]

last saturday was an amazing day for wichita.  our local college played in the ncaa final four game, something the city hasn't seen since 1965.  walking around town this weekend was almost unreal.  everyone was in such a great mood.  i've never seen our city so positive and full of pride.  nearly every single person could be found wearing black and yellow in support of wsu.  for the first time, at least in my opinion, the city was unified, in the same way college towns are, and it was a great feeling.

following the tournament,i absolutely loved how the team was described.  they were the underdogs, the cinderella's.  the team defying the odds and busting the brackets.  the team that came out of nowhere to surprise everyone.  even though they lost the game, i hope the team realizes what they did for the city. they gave us some much needed civic pride, and helped shed a wonderful and positive light on our town for the few days we were in the national spotlight.  for a brief moment, we had what all cities crave, uniqueness.

as a fan of this town, i'd like to think the attributes used to describe wsu's basketball team also define our city. we can defy the odds, we can do anything.  we have the ability to shock and surprise people. we do in fact have a wonderful community filled with talent. we have a lot to offer and can compete with larger cities. the pride gained these past few weeks gave our city all the wonderful side effects that happen when people love the community they're living in.

i hope that feeling sticks around for a bit because it looks really good on wichita.

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