Thursday, June 13, 2013

nothing [gin] can stay

i'm sure by now you know, i believe an event must happen three years in a row in order for it to be called a tradition.  well...this years annual "june bucket" party became a tradition.  however it achieved that status bitter sweetly...

the friend who introduced this wonderful event to our group, recently accepted a job in another city. not only would this be the last june bucket she would host in wichita, but it was also a bit of a farewell party. luckily, if you're going to throw a going away event, one involving buckets of gin, sprite, citrus fruits and turkey basters is a great way to go out.  the night was filled with laughter, photos, walking tacos, music, dancing and a multitude of amazing friends. even a late night kansas thunderstorm couldn't dampen the festivities.

not so secretly, i am a bit of a sentimental guy.  between the basters, bottles and buckets, i did reflect back on the past three years; the strangers i've met who eventually became friends, and the strengthening of those friendships through the retelling of stories a celebration like this always creates.

i have no idea what the future holds for the annual june bucket party. maybe it will continue, maybe it will cease, maybe it will change, maybe it will expand, or just maybe... some other event incorporating odd kitchen utensils and drinking will take its place. whatever happens, i do know it won't be the same, but then again, isn't that just life?

natures first green is gold,
her hardest hue to hold.
her early leaf's a flower;
but only so an hour.
then leaf subsides to leaf,
so eden sank to grief,
so dawn goes down to day
nothing gold can stay.

thank you robert.

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