Tuesday, January 28, 2014

deep [city] diving

i love living and working in old town, but every once in a while you gotta get out of your neighborhood.

a few months ago, my friends and i decided to check out some [dive] bars we had heard about but had never visited.  it ended up being a total success; so much so, we decided to do it again., with more friends wanting to join in the adventure.

we decided to hit up several [dives] on the south side of town.  we ventured into bars with names like "whisky dicks" "mick's" "the stop" and "snug harbor."  we found the bartenders to be friendly, the drinks to be cheaper, and the patrons to be talkative. not only was it a good night out with friends both old and new, but we discovered there's a sense of community a group forms when venturing into places unknown. we discovered new sights, new sounds, new drink specials, all of which were documented and noted on instagram.  we were like the millennial version of the lewis and clark expedition, reporting back to our friends in civilization as to what's outside the territory.

i'm not sure how many of the bars we'll find ourselves "trekking" back out to again, but much like our predecessors who told stories of the native people, animals and events they discovered in the vast unknown, our south side stories have already filled the walls of the bars we consider home.

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