Tuesday, April 08, 2014

koozie [culture]

i'll admit it, i'm a little late coming into the koozie culture, therefore i'm not sure i fully understand all the social boundaries surrounding these beer blankets.

hanging out by backyard pools and college tailgates, i've known of koozies for some time, but in the last few years i've found these little thermal accessories in new places.  i have several friends who can be found using their koozies in public establishments. after receiving their pabst from the bartender, they'll reach into their back pocket or purse and pull out their personal koozie. sitting around our favorite patio, enjoying great weather, it's not uncommon to see a couple cans sitting in a collection of their own condensation, while others are neatly nestled in neoprene. apparently in the hot summer land of lagers, the one with koozie is king...or at least is kept cold the longest.

is this a wichita thing? a kansas thing? a midwest thing? does our local climate cause this culture or are the coasts covered with koozies as well?

so i ask you this, is it culturally acceptable to bring a koozie to a bar?

should this form of beer bedazzlement be banned, or is it cool to clothe your coors in comfort.

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Nicole said...

I have no strong feelings for pro or anti public koozie, just strong feelings that this post is awesome.