Monday, July 24, 2017

spit[ing] and spat[ing] in saratoga springs

i'll be honest, it took me half way into a three day trip to realize saratoga springs was actually named because of natural springs.

last may found my fiancee and i traveling with another couple to saratoga springs, new york for the wedding of our friends.  since it was a holiday weekend we decided to stay and be tourists in town for a long weekend.  as we ventured around the city we discovered the city had a number of naturally carbonated,  mineral springs, hence the name.  tourists were encouraged to try a sample of theses waters as each spring had a various flavors with different health benefits.   finding one of these springs we decided to try it.  now, i don't like unnecessary exaggeration in stories and i try not to curse too much on this blog, but the water tasted like %100 pure ass.  no joke, it smelled and tasted like rotting eggs in a barnyard.  according to the map we found this particular spring is noted for being

"highly-carbonated water of an alkaline-saline flavor noted for its high mineral content and renowned as a digestive curative."  

science aside, our little group of friends referred to it as the "butt water."  imagine our surprise, right after giving it this name, we saw someone fill up a two gallon jug to the brim of this water to take back home.  maybe they had a really upset stomach.  thankfully, that particular spring didn't stop us from trying more, which were all much better tasting.

another site we stumbled upon, was a statue featuring two mermen spitting water at each other, named by locals as "spit and spat."  after trying the "butt water" just a few feet away, i could completely understand why they would be doing this.

spitting and spatting aside, saratoga springs is a beautiful city, filled with a rich history, beautiful architecture and a wonderful culture.  we all agreed we'd love to see the city in the summer when the horse track opens up.  saratoga is also now home to one of the best breakfasts i've ever had in my life, a fried chicken, potato and egg hash.  a rich meal that normally would have upset my stomach, but didn't.

maybe it was made with some of that "butt water."

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