Sunday, November 19, 2017

[fishing] with friends

if you've followed this blog for the past year, you'll know that boothbay harbor is one of our favorite towns.  we visited it for the first time a year ago, when my wife had to work the [fishing for fashion] event during the annual boothbay harbor festival.  when she was asked to host the event again this year, we decided the only thing that could make boothbay harbor better would be to invite four of our friends along. as the weekend unfolded, that assumption was correct.

as weekends with good friends normally go, two days together created a million little anecdotes and inside jokes between all of us, but one of the more memorable moments involved all of us on a boat along with a freak rainstorm.  halfway into taking the boat taxi into town we got drenched by a spontaneous deluge of rain.  we were all soaked from head to toe.  thankfully boothbay harbor is a tourist town with lots of souvenir shops which allowed all six of us to buy boothbay harbor hoodies and sweatshirts to have something dry to put on when we got off the boat.  so there we were, all six of us walking through town, enjoying restaurants, listening to bands and drinking at bars looking like a living advertisement for this fantastic city.

and i think we were all ok that.

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