Wednesday, August 25, 2021

hello [sharks]

 most of my life, i never had to think of sharks. then i moved to the east coast and now i need to keep track of them.

now when i first moved here, everyone said sharks don't come this far north, but i had my doubts. i've seen jaws, i think i know what i'm talking about.  so i downloaded a shark tracker.  low and behold not shortly after moving here, sharks were starting to be seen off the coast of maine.  unfortunately, there has even been a fatal shark attack.  this all being said, i check my shark tracking app weekly.

how crazy was it that when i checked it this week, the boat that does the tagging of the sharks was in casco bay!  i immediately went to go see it. not only to see it in person, but to say a little thank you to this organization for keeping an eye on these sharks.




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