Wednesday, November 16, 2005

how i wish life was [was not] like an episode of "friends"


i have a theory..........well......maybe not so much a theory as it is an observation. the sitcom known as "friends" has had a larger effect on my generation then one might assume. just think about it. the show was incredibly popular while we were in high school. we were glued to our televisions every thursday night, watching a group of people 10 years older then us, trying to make it in the real world. for thirty minutes, we learned about the issues that we would face as young adults. we saw, what life is like, to be young, adult, and single. these images have stayed with us.

i believe the impression left by this show, is why certain aspects of our society are changing slightly. my peers are entering the work force and starting their own lives. we are looking to live in studio apartments in the city, close to work, much like the set of "friends". we enjoy walking down and getting coffee, while discussing classes, projects and relationships, a classic scene from the show. i also see more and more of my peers deciding to focus on their careers before getting married. my generation was led by the cast of "friends" in this thinking. we are now placing more importance in the time after we graduate college, on ourselves, then the previous generations have. it is becoming a very important time to continue to grow and mature and learn about ourselves.

sometimes i wish my life were more like, and sometimes less like "friends". life, in my opinion, is a comedy, but even comedies need human drama to keep things moving. most of the plot of "friends" consisted of people falling in and out of love, and the incredibly idiotic things people do in both instances. in my life i know i've done things in both situations that would make an audience laugh and cry. i'd like to think of myself as a "chandler"most of the time, but i've been a "joey" once or twice, and lately i've felt a little like a "ross",the character that was always able to take a situation and make it worse, and known to constantly dwell on subjects and not let them die.

everyone can identify with one of the characters of the show and the situations they found themselves in. i do wish, that like the show, my problems could be solved in a half hour, or at least a continued episode. until my problems fade however, i'll just wait around for joey to do something dumb, and make everyone laugh.



Nicole said...

look at it this way, at least you can't be compared to fat naked man that can be seen from monica and rachel's apartment!

sloring said...

well nicole, i wouldn't go that far...