Friday, December 02, 2005

the [past] and pending

i was awoken this morning to my radio.

for anyone that knows me, you know that i am a firm believer in waking up to the radio, because the alternative choice of the alarm, in my opinion, is pure and absolute evil. humans were not intended to wake up to a loud piercing squeal. of course sometimes the light music causes me to oversleep occasionally, but being late is far better then waking up to a high pitched, heart stopping siren. anyway, back to the story, i awoke this morning to the song [long december] by the counting crows, one of the best bands of our generation. this particular song was the perfect song to wake me up today for multiple reasons, besides the obvious one of irony, it being december.

the song is about reflecting on the year, which seems only natural for the month of december. while enjoying this song, still under the cover of my quilt, my mind started pondering my own past. the song ended and i left the comfort of my bed to bare the brunt of cold air on my way to start the safety of a steamy shower. while standing in the hot water, i was reflecting on where i was five years ago, today.

normally a person wouldn't know exactly what they were doing or felt five years ago, but i do. i'm not going to cheapen those memories by writing them down on the net, and it would be impossible to convey my exact feelings through the filter of writing. for now, i'll just keep them to myself. it was however a moment in my past that was great to reflect on today. then i wondered, do all memories consist of moments in our life where we were full of emotion? or do those memories just stick out more then the others? either way, i enjoyed taking a look back this morning on a great memory. i finished my shower today with my own, out of tune version of [long december] followed with an encore of [mr. jones].

so for now, thank you counting crows, for a great wake up call.


Anonymous said...

I totally know what you mean about waking up to an alarm. I am also a firm believer in waking up to music.
However, my regualar station is playing christmas music now...which isn't bad sometimes, but this morning I awoke to the WORST christmas song EVER....paul McCartney's wonderful Christmas time (no offense, paul).

ercwttmn said...

I concure.

Miss Wendy Eileen said...

Oh and I also concur...Although I have always had someone else to wake me up in the morning...and when I'm on my own I usually wake up on time. Something of an internal alarm beautifully. I would imagine having an alarm would put me in a very bad mood.

I remember when I was small my sister and mother just whipping my blankets off in the morning before school to wake me me so mad.Esp in winter. But then again..they had to as nothing else worked.