Wednesday, January 11, 2006

so this is the [new year]

i can't believe that it's already january 11, and here i am without any resolutions. but these aren't' something you just jump into. so i took my time and thought about them long and hard, and i think that i'm finally ready to commit, here they are:

i'm going to graduate from college. i'm going to get a job in architecture.

ok, so they sound pretty accomplishable,[that might not be a word], but as i looked up the actual definition of resolution which is, "the quality of having a fixed purpose; determination; firmness." it fits perfectly to how i feel about my choices. i believe that i'm more ready to graduate and get a job then most of my peers. i've been in college for seven years, i'm ready to get out. most of my close friends have moved on and have started their own new lives. they have new apartments, new jobs, and new friends, they're carving out their own little niche into the world. i want to start carving.

the great things about these resolutions is that they'll be accomplished in may, leaving the rest of the year open to new experiences with no other plans. i learned last year that you can never fully plan what the year will hold for you. so this year will be the year for no pre-conceived expectations. i'll be working in a job i've never had before, living in a new city, and meeting new people. i can't wait.


Anonymous said...

I have no doubt you are going to do great things, eric...but don't get in too big of a hurry. Enjoy these last few months, there is just something about the learning environment...and that is coming from someone who was also in school for seven years.

Anonymous said...

eric, i am coming for Design Expo! I can't wait. Would love to see the house!