Tuesday, February 14, 2006

visions of the [past] and [future] at the same time

the title for this entry is a phrasing of words that could have been used as a mantra for last couple of days of my life. let me divulge:

on monday, our college hosted it's annual design expo. an event in which 70 plus firms set up booths displaying their work in the best light possible, all to attract graduating students. wanting to get started in my own job search, i prepared a resume, and portfolio. after making a list of the firms i was interested in talking with, i set out. i made my rounds and participated in the required"chit-chat" with the representatives. ultimately it comes down to the point where the firm asks "well.....would you like to interview with us?". after going through this routine with several firms, i managed a number of meetings. being very new to the job market, i found the interview process to be fascinating, because essentially, you're selling yourself. there were times when i felt like a used car salesmen, showing the specs and performance information on the floor model of "myself", trying to hide the minor dings and scratches. another interesting aspect of an interview lies in the fact that both interviewer and interviewee or presenting themselves in the past, while talking about the future. i was showing them the projects and accomplishments of my past to give them an idea of what i could do for them in the future, while they were showing me projects that they had completed trying to give me an idea of what they could provide me, in the future.

the mantra also applies to an experience i had saturday night. with the design expo in town, many recent graduates were in town, some as employers. after finishing my portfolio saturday night, my friends and i went out, and ran into these graduates at the "architecture" bar. at first it was a bit of a trip. here they were, looking very well put together, professional and rested, unlike a year ago when i would see them in the halls, sporting three day old t-shirts, and stained jeans looking tired, and weary, the very words to describe me and my friends now. i took notice that they now had the money to afford the "good" drinks, unlike the "cheap" beer my friends and i usually par-take in. catching up with them, i did notice an almost visable line between us, that one must need a diploma, to act as a passport, in order to cross. that night, however, i believe they gave us the determination we needed to finish the semester strong, graduate, and eventually be in that "booth". although it was a brief encounter, is was great to see them. enjoying life, with the weight of seaton off their shoulders.

here is a photo of what we like to call the "architecture" bar, and a sample from my portfolio of a project completed in my second year of school. constructive criticism is appreciated. click for larger views.


Anonymous said...

hang in there, eric. you're closer than you think...come on, if you can sport that George Clooney act now...think where YOU will be one year from now.
oh, and i like the googie link.

jstove said...

it was good to see you too, even for a few brief moments. i like your observations. it was an interesting situation. how did your interviews go? any leads?

chris said...

One year after college, moves much faster than you will ever realize. Just focus on what you want in a good job now, and it will save you months of frustration in the near future. Good Luck!