Monday, June 19, 2006

[act 2] the start of the career

scene-a rainy, puddle filled brick street in oldtown wichita, outside the offices of shelden architects.

the act opens with our protagonist, fresh out of college, optimistic and confident that what he's learned in the past seven years of college has prepared him fully for the real world.

it doesn't look half bad when you write it out like that. the truth is that i was extremely nervous about starting work today. [why is it that no matter how old i get, i still get that "first day of school" feeling when starting something new?] my nerves were multiplied this morning when i saw it was raining. not only was i not sure about how long the drive would take but i wasn't sure where to park once i got there. as nervous as i was, i found a space, parked the car and walked into the office, a little scared, and a lot wet.

my nervousness didn't last long as i got a dose of office humor as soon as i entered. on my desk was a stack of papers to read through. the first one being detailed directions on how everyone likes their coffee and a full description of how and when they'd like their cars washed.

after playing along and joking with everyone for a bit, i got settled into my desk and given my first two projects. one is to help with the schematic design for a dentist office and the other is a retreat home for a "big brothers big sisters" type organization. i thought they were joking again when they said i'd need plans and elevations for the retreat home by wednesday night. turns out they weren't, as i'm already scheduled to meet with the clients thursday morning and i'll need the up-dated drawings to discuss with them. and so the working life begins..........


sloring said...

my little Eric, all grown up!!!

chris said...

sheldon architecture looks like a great place to work. congrats on the job.
small projects are best way to learn fast.
oh ... and welcome to the business side of architecture.

PS: you're lucky they were kidding about the coffee.

Anonymous said...

GREAT PICTURE...what, did they give you a corner office or something, desk with a must have really impressed them with your wit and charm...and knowledge of architecture of course.

jill m said...

welcome to the working world and welcome to wichita!

Aaron Schump said...

parallel bar, they know we have computers now?

Anonymous said...

that's intense... welcome to the real world.

FastTrakStatus said...

hello eric. it's corbin. i started my own {real life!} blog, and needless to say i'm consumed by a euphoric sense of pride and accomplishment. i'm assuming you experienced something similar after your first post? probably not.

truthfully, i subscribed so i could show some face on your blog. feel free to reciprocate.

hope all is well.