Sunday, March 25, 2007

the [queen] of khaki?

i have an extreme dislike for khaki's.

let me rephrase that. i have an extreme dislike for wearing khaki's. however, in this post-collegiate world i woke up in one morning, i've found that, torn jeans, and grey t-shirts don't always exude the professionalism you want in someone designing a building for you. therefore i wear khaki's.

i'm not blaming khaki, as a material, per se. there is, in fact, a very strong possibility that i just don't wear them well. i've tried on numerous pairs of different styles and cuts, but i've never really been happy with anything. they're just not right. i'm the goldilocks of khaki's. this is why i always keep an eye out for any new khaki's that may come along.

recently, i was at a friend's house, getting my weekly [office] fix, when a commercial came on promoting new khaki's. [see commercial here] now, i'm not sure if i was caught up by the catchy little jingle, from "annie get your gun", or if it was the fact it featured, none other, then claire danes, but i took notice, and remembered the style.

a few days later, i ventured into the store, and within five steps, was asked by a female employee if i needed any help. seeing no harm, in getting to this great, new product faster,

i said, "yes"

she said, "what can i help you find?"

i said, "can you show me your selection of 'boyfriend khaki's"

to which she replied, "sure....but you are aware, that they are.......women's pants"

[long pause]

a mixture of feelings and emotions filled my mind like a flood at this point. not only was i blind sighted that i had just asked to see women's pants with the straightest face possible, but visions of the commercial flashed through my minds eye. did claire lie to me?........there were pants in the commercial,............and a guy had them on......they're called "boyfriend" i missing something here?..........was this false advertising..........or i'm just an idiot?

i'm not exactly sure how long i was standing there, but when i came to, i found the young lady, still staring at me, waiting for an answer. not wanting to look like the idiot i am,

i said, "yes, i'm aware"

she then took me over the the display, and asked if i had any questions.

to which i replied "nope, i'm good."

after she left me alone, on the women's side of the store, i counted off 30 seconds, which i felt was enough time to make it look like i had really been interested in the pants, but for what ever reason, decided not to buy any.


Anonymous said...


Luke said...

Dude, you so should have boughten a pair and seen how they fit!

Unknown said...

yeah, i say try them on. you never know. as for pants, i too am adverse to khaki's, and very picky about that in which I adorn my legs. But I have found my favorite pair of pants at Express for Men, "The Producer"

Anonymous said...

yeah, i agree w/brad, those are nice pants...i also found a pair of slim fit khakis from jcrew which fit nicely as well...or you could be a true rockstar and pick up a pair of skinny black jeans from levis. but what do i know? ;)

Anonymous said...

touche sir... touche