Sunday, April 01, 2007


rapidly becoming one of my favorite events to attend in wichita, is "final friday". a night where all the gallery's in downtown are open, and the public is invited to meander in, out, between, and through all of them. my favorite stop is [fisch haus studios], where the exhibits never fail to excite and entertain. this past friday, their exhibit was called [living statues]. dancers from the wichita ballet, stood on various stages, and would strike three minute poses, inspired by music. people where encouraged to bring their sketch books and pencils and practice their live sketching.

despite the flood like downpour friday night, i took my sketch book and ventured down to the gallery. the place was packed. not only was i surprised to see the number of people lounging around the concrete floors sketching away, but the ability of the dancers, holding their poses for that length of time, was equally impressive.

i haven't sketched live figures in ages. it seems that since entering the college of architecture planning, and design, most of the pages of my sketch books are filled with stationary buildings with an occasional tree here and there. howeve, last friday's participation in these quick three minute exersises was very refreshing. those multi-colored lines on the screen of my computer, were starting to take their toll. it was nice to get back to pencil and paper....and not have to label the drawing [wall section].


Nicole said...

love it. looks like i'm not the only one enjoying some metropolitan culture!

sloring said...

kiss my eyelids and make the pain go away!!!