Monday, April 23, 2007

back when [they] dreamt of being architects

last weekend i traveled up to kansas city to see the "decemberists" perform at the uptown theatre during their "twilight in the fearful forest" tour. meeting numerous friends at the venue, we opted to sit in the balcony, not wanting to huddle with the herd of hipsters, hugging the stage.

sitting through the show, one thing was very apparent. with the band playing most of the songs from their latest album, there was a lack of old-world charm they once had. when i first heard the decemberists, i was amazed at how much i loved the sound of accordions and violins, supporting witty lyrics, using forgotten vernacular. rock had some how been mixed with the sea shanties of long ago. this concert, however, featured very little of the instruments from their previous albums.

the concert wasn't disappointing, as they still played my top two favorite songs, and colin did a solo version of morrissey's "everyday is like sunday". the concert was just different, and different always takes time to get use to...........i'll adapt........i guess.................

ok, i'll admit it, i'm just a fan of the accordion. it's the instrument of my people, and i was glad when i found it being played in "hip" music, and not just polka!

some other "quirky" throwbacks from a different time:

-a sign in kansas city, that i've been wanting to photograph for the past six months.

-a large lowercase letter "e", given as a gift, by the wonderful owners of the couch i found myself frequenting quite often.


Miss Wendy Eileen said...

wow! LOVE these photos! Esp. the one with E! Hope you're well. And that life is kind.

Helen E said...

don't be a music snob. the decemberists can grow up, just like little eric.