Friday, July 18, 2008

[moving] on up

i've been a little nomadic the past two years.

not so much globally or nationally, but within the border lines of a territory known as "the office"

when i first started working there, two years ago, my boss graciously gave up his desk, so that i could feel at home. it was great! i had a huge plot of land, with nothing fill it, except the occasional stack of red-lines handed to me to. i started to fill it with a collection of pens and pencil's and even brought in a plant. i was at this location for about 8 months, what i like to call the "honeymoon" period.

when someone else was hired and i was shifted. i moved to a very small table in the conference room. it took some time to get use to it, but i eventually fell in love with this situation. i was crammed in there with two other guys, luckily, we all got along. we all preferred to work with just our desk lamps on instead of the overhead fluorescents on. with great music playing it was almost reminiscent of studio.

being behind a wall of glass, right off of the reception room, i like to call this period of time, the "fish bowl". this lasted about 8 months.

then work began on our "new" office. we had been holding conference meetings in the raw space, but with construction starting we needed the conference room back. this required me to move to a counter top, right next to my boss. a time i refer to as the "lap dog" period.

i try to make the best of every situation, but it was tough in this location. not only was i in a main traffic way, but i was sitting nearly on top of my boss. also, by this time i was getting more and more work, and had very little room to place anything. i did however, learn all of our carpet reps by name as they chatted with me while placing new catalogs. knowing that it would last long kept my spirits up. i was promised that it would only be temporary, we'd be in the new space after the first of the year.....then it was, maybe by february...then by march......possibly by april......for sure by the end of may.....

to make a very long and very boring story short, we finished up the new space last week, and moved in. i'm thrilled. it's probably the best week i've had at the office! after two years, i finally feel settled.

of course, the only foreseeable problem that may arise, is the fact that i moved into the one desk that will have to be demo-ed when "phase 2 " happens.....

here are some pictures of the new space.


Nicole said...

this is lovely! congrats on a great new space!

Lisa said...

OK, Milton. So, if they move your desk “one more time” are you going to “blow up the building”? I guess you can just be thankful that they haven’t moved your desk down to storage room B and asked you to take care of the roach problem while you’re there. If it were me, I’d just put an end to the whole desk moving thing by moving my desk down to Finn’s once and for all and calling it good. Be sure to remember to order your margaritas with no salt, nooo salt.