Monday, June 08, 2009

[construction fantasy] camp

hello muddah, hello faddah
here i am at [construction fantasy camp]

manual labor is entertaining

they say i'll work outside when it stops raining..... little endeavor into construction ended the other week. in all seriousness it was great getting out of an office setting. not only was i able to learn a bit more how objects are actually put together, but i also had a chance to work with two individuals, who are incredibly talented and hard working, and i'm lucky to be able to call them friends.

i worked on a variety of projects over the past six weeks, but i thought i'd share with you a few select projects i was able to snap photos of.

-built exterior entry stairs.

sanded and stained the entry door.

finished installing the interior wood wall.

cut an access hole requested by the hvac guys.

waterproofed the master bath shower basin.

install a toilet.

formed and poured a concrete counter top.

and last but not least, painted a handicap parking stall in the garage...(required by code)

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John B. said...

Just a quick note to thank you for linking to Cycling in Wichita. I've been meaning to for some time and just hadn't made time to do it. A decent number of people have found their way over there thanks to you, and I'm appreciative of that.

These look like great projects. It's indeed satisfying to work with people who both like to work and know what they're doing.