Wednesday, August 19, 2009


last week i traveled to houston to attend a training institute for HOBY, an organization i've been apart of for a while now. not only did i get to meet and become friends many wonderful and outstanding people from all across the nation, but as a bonus, i ventured to a new city. now, whenever i pack for a vacation, my camera is the first thing i grab. there's nothing like capturing that moment, when you see a view for the first time. however, after packing for this trip i realized i didn't have any room, and with the recent price increases for checked luggage, i decided not to bring the camera, which hurt me.

having a little free time in the seminar schedule, i ventured downtown friday night. looking around at the buildings, fountains and landscaping, i couldn't help myself, i just had to take pictures, so i reached for the camera on my phone, which is something i hardly do. to put it bluntly, i'm not a fan of camera phones. in my opinion, they're the karaoke of the photography world, they can be fun and entertaining, but quickly get old and annoying.....alright, that's enough of a rant, i hope i didn't offend any camera phone or karaoke fans out there. friday night however, i was proved wrong, i needed it. the camera phone helped me get my fix of photos. the buildings and parks of downtown houston, one of the largest cities in the united states, fit perfectly into my pocket.

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jean c. said...

those are great photos from a cameraphone... ! I'm super impressed... both with the phone and your eye behind it. hope all is good with you there...