Wednesday, May 26, 2010

my best [family] friend's wedding

our grandparents started out as neighbors, and became friends. then my mom, met her dad, and became lifelong friends. through the years and miles, they grew up, and married their spouses, and eventually my parents became dear friends with her parents. three generations later, my sister and i, call ashley and aaron our friends.

last weekend, ashley was the first in our little group of four to get married. it was a beautiful outdoor ceremony with the rocky mountains acting as backdrop. over the past twenty some years, ashley has become a second little sister to me, and in a way, it was hard to see her all grown up and getting married. however, sometime during the reception, i realized, that although she was now an adult and starting a new life with an amazing guy, our friendship was not ending, but rather, like our parents and grandparents before us, it was simply starting a new chapter.

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