Tuesday, January 18, 2011

hanging with mr [ching]

"just when i thought the internet couldn't possibly be any dumber, it goes and does something like this...and totally redeems itself."

several months ago i received a message in my flickr account from a publisher asking me if they could use a photograph i had taken of the eames house in an upcoming architecture book. i inquired a little further and asked what exactly the book was for. the publisher informed me it would be "a global history of architecture" by francis d. k. ching.

" a ching book! are you kidding me!"

i was ecstatic. through the course of my studies, i had purchased many a ching book. i agreed and singed the permission slip. i was told, if my photo was used in the final draft, i would be sent a copy of the book for payment. knowing full well how much i had spent on his books, i thought it was a fair deal.

months passed and i was left wondering if they had in fact used it. then today a package was delivered with a copy of the book inside. i quickly skimmed the book, and there, sandwiched between the farnsworth house and the yale university art gallery, was my little photo. not only am i thrilled to have a photo of one of my favorite pieces of american architecture in a ching book, but the photo itself means a lot to me. it was taken during a very adventurous time in my life. a time filled with independence, discovery and excitement, and i get feel that every time i see the photo.

it's also the closest i'll get in my life to be referenced along with charles and ray eames.

below is a copy of the cover of the book and a copy of the photo used. if you're ever really bored and happen to stumble upon it, check out page 754.


jean c. said...

wow, congratulations. I love francis ching's books! (you should have asked for at least 10 copies in payment, though!)

also, I think a lot about that garden in the Eames house, the space between the residential part of the house and the studio -- the meaning of that separation and of that connection & closeness. the everyday crossing and re-crossing of that space that they must have done, what it meant to leave the kitchen and go into the other work space......

Nicole said...

Shut the hell up. I guess you're officially a rock star in the architecture world now.

Anonymous said...

You beat me to publication, you bitch.