Sunday, February 19, 2012

[d] is for [d]allas and [d]esign

a need for some friends of mine to purchase a kitchen table turned into a fun filled weekend in dallas, and not surprisingly, with three of us being architects, a weekend full of design.

some design highlights of the weekend:

-checking out ikea, home to the company famous for designing and selling, ready to assemble furniture
-visiting the statuesque and flawless beauty of the kimbell art museum by architect louis kahn
-walking across the street to visit the sequal-esque beauty of the modern musem by architect tadao ando
-visiting the mid century cocktail bar "the cedars social" with a great vibe and chill atmosphere
-shopping at the museum-like northpark mall
-the stylish and moderately priced clothes at h&m
-the decorated charm and great taste of a sprinkles cupcake, as well as the minimal design of the store

some [non]design highlights of the weekend:

-enjoying a classic road trip with amazing friends
-well crafted play-lists
-road trip games
-meeting up with old friends, and making new ones
-sangria at fireside pies
-each and every single cocktail ordered at "the cedars social"
-coffee and brunch at "cafe brazil"
-purchasing incredibly comfortable, and now my most expensive pair of underwear at h&m
-inside jokes. i.e. (tony braxton, book lights, texas edition trucks, and the taste of a pizookie)

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