Monday, October 01, 2012 you've been [here] before

last week a group of us traveled to lawrence to watch [the lumineers] perform.  the show was incredible and having that many friends around only made it better.  naturally i was going to blog about the show, but as i was reminiscing about the concert and uploading photos, it occurred to me, i had taken nearly identical pictures several years earlier when i attended my first lawrence concert.  finding my old ticket stub, i realized it was almost seven years to the day since then.  reading back over the blog i had written about that show, i had to chuckle at how similar the situation's were.  a road trip with friends, running a little late, great music, eating dinner on the sidewalk of mass street, and ending back at home around 2am.

on the surface a lot has changed in the seven years between these two shows.  people have come and gone into my life, experiences gained, memories made...lessons learned.  however looking at these photos side by side makes me wonder if not as much has changed as i think.  i've still got amazing friends who enjoy great music, always up for a road trip and apparently don't mind eating dinner on the sidewalk.

maybe it's true what they say, the more things [change] the more they remain the [same]...except technology. it was extremely more convenient taking these photos with my iphone instead of the 2 megapixel brick i lugged around back then.

also, for the lumineers show, we all opted to sit in the balcony instead of standing all packed in on the floor. this might be a sign of older age, but it really was more comfortable.


Katie Lohrenz said...

Swear to god, I just found a ticket stub from that same Decemberists concert Sunday night in an old wallet from college.

ercwttmn said...


That is awesome! That concert is still one of the best Decemberists shows I've seen.