Saturday, August 10, 2013

mail delivered [memories]

last week i got to relive a bit of 2003

to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their album "give up" the postal service" went on tour, and stopped in kansas city. not wanting to miss this opportunity i, along with a few friends, went to the concert.

the album isn't one of my all time favorites, but the sentimental value it holds is priceless. ten years ago, i made the decision to switch majors and enter into architecture school.  a decision that meant a huge shift in my life.  not only was about to toss the last three years of college down the drain and start over, i was entering a very hard field. one that meant many extra hours of work, including all-nighters in order to finish projects.

one of the ways to get through the the late nights was to listen to music on itunes, a new feature for the at the time.  not only did i make several new friends that year, but they introduced me to several new bands, one of which was "the postal service."  hearing their songs instantly takes me back to 3am in studio, cutting bass wood, and drawing on velum rushing to get everything done before the critique. as stressful as those night were, i wouldn't trade the experience for anything, mainly because those nights house so many great memories.  one of the bands providing the soundtrack for those thoughts..."the postal service"

a look at me in 2003:

and a few shots from the concert:

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