Monday, July 21, 2014

hidden in [plane] sight

this weekend found me and my girlfriend visiting the kansas aviation museum. it had been five years since i had visited and i was excited to see it again.

planes are exciting in their own right, however being an architect found me studying more of the building than the biplanes. walking around i noticed architectural details i hadn't noticed before; aviation related design was embeded everywhere.  there were references to air travel in the hand painted ceiling stenciling, the metal work, masonry, and terrazzo floors.  it was almost like the "hidden mickey's" at disneyland.  not only did this little "hidden airplane" game enrich the museum experience, but it gave me an overwhelming appreciation for the architecture of the past.  i couldn't help but acknowledge the time, consideration, design and craft the architects put in this structure; now being appreciated long after the buildings original use had ended....beautiful details now enhancing the building as it houses a new use as the kansas aviation museum.

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