Thursday, November 20, 2014

the [sketchbook] experiment 2

four years ago, i decided i was going to start sketching more.

two years ago i finished my first full sketchbook - post here.

another two years have gone by and i've finished another one.

as i said back in 2012, i wanted to get better at sketching. i'm still not sure if that goal has been reached, but after four years of sketching a few times every week, it's become a habit.  i'll write down project notes, sketch details, or paste photos i think are interesting or evoke some sort of inspiration.  i carry it with me constantly, never knowing when the urge to fill it's pages will hit. it's become a necessity; something i need. not so much in the name of creating art, but in the collection of memories. as i thumb through the pages, i'm able to recall exactly what i was feeling in my life at that moment. it's no work of art, but to me it's pages are priceless.

my next step however scares me. five years ago, i bought a moleskin sketchbook, but felt i was unworthy to ruin it's beautiful blank pages. i decided i would buy cheap sketchbooks, feeling it was a more suitable home for my sketches. however i've discovered these books get terribly beat up accompanying me to work everyday and on trips.

it might just be the moment to move on to the moleskin.

be on the lookout for the [sketchbook] experiment 3, probably sometime in 2017. the sketches might just be on a beautiful ivory background. for now, here are a few of my favorite pages from the past two years.

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