Tuesday, October 10, 2017

when you're here, you're [family]

this summer, my wife and i went to the annual st. peters italian bazaar festival and had a wonderful time.  it was a perfect summer weekend to be outdoors.  we enjoyed a few games, some absolutely wonderful cannoli's and witnessed one of the crazier events i've ever seen, the greased pole competition.  as much as we enjoyed the day the best moments were later that evening.  we ran into the wonderful lady who helped coordinate our wedding with the church, who lovingly asked us how the first two months of marriage had been.  later on, as i was trying to purchase my third cannoli of the evening, the lady taking my cash recognized my wife from being an anchor on the local news.  that led to a wonderful 10 minute conversation discussing how much she enjoyed watching my wife on the news and how much we had enjoyed the festival, putting smiles on all our faces.

we not only left the festival that night full of the absolute best cannoli's i've ever had, but also realizing that after a year and a half in our new home, we were starting to feel a part of the community, which is a wonderful feeling.

also did i mention how great the cannolis were?

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