Monday, November 19, 2018

[arch]inktober - week 3

by week three i had settled into a bit of a rhythm, sketching and shading with the ink pen, then using a beige or grey marker for a little bit of color.  i found my new found rhythm to be a positive and a negative.  on one side, i felt the whole month long experiment was so i could get just ever so slightly better at sketching.  sketching in the same style, while trying to make slight improvements allowed me to do this, but on the other hand, i felt like i was being less experimental as i had been when the month started.

this week found me purposely making my drawings "sketchier" in the hopes they wouldn't look as "cartoon-y" as the first week.  in general i was pleased with the outcome, but i've noticed that even with a sketchy look it still extremely important to get the perspective lines correct.  without the right lines everything just looks wobbly.  everything seemed to come together really well on my "pragmatic" sketch, which featured a barn from the flint hills region of kansas.



art deco





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