Thursday, December 27, 2018

family [captures]

like a lot of people, i enjoy taking pictures.  being an architect the majority of my digital camera roll usually consists of buildings or other structures, but occasionally something else finds its way into my viewfinder... people.

during my thanksgiving trip back to kansas, my sister asked me to take pictures of her family, a request i was more than happy to do.  not only is it a hobby i enjoy, but it gave me a chance to spend some quality time with my niece who is growing up far too fast and too far away for this uncle.  with the help of my parents and wife, who were behind me making noises and actions, we were able to get a few shots of her looking at the camera, just perfect for a frame.  however several of the "outtakes" were too precious to delete.  below are a few select pics, i hope you enjoy looking at them as much as i had taking them.


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